Attica! Attica!

Aaron Scott (Attica! Attica!, Marathon, De La Hoya) has contributed a new essay to I Live Sweat, offering a male perspective on the sexism discussion. Here's an excerpt:

"I don't want to accuse the punk scene of being more sexist than any other male-dominated sector of American culture. But I do want to hold it accountable for being pathetically average in its sexism. I was attracted to punk not just because the music kicked ass, but also because the culture provided an alternative to all the bullshit of the mainstream. That alternative included a proactive interest in being inclusive and minimizing oppressive behavior. I think the punk scene excels at that inclusiveness in some ways, and yet it still feels like a bunch of straight white males who could give a damn about whether anyone else really feels welcome. We've had decades to build upon the energy of punk's emergence and create a culture that is more just, fair, and respectful than the patriarchal institutions that we escaped. But what I see in punk is a replication of many mainstream male-dominant attitudes and behaviors that are protected under the false banner of a post-sexist haven for all."

Read the entire essay here and as always, give us your thoughts in the comments.