by Dispatches

Capsule recently hit the road in support of their newest album, No Ghost. While on the road, the band documented some of their adventures and we present the third and final set of stories in tonight's Dispatches.

April 29th//Seattle,WA

Anytime you go to Seattle you expect the cloudy skies, fine rain on and off the whole day, and just an overall dampness to your general surroundings; this city never disappoints, because that’s exactly what we got… and it was great! It wasn’t too cold or too dreary, just a crisp night air that made you want to not wear a jacket. For a bunch of dudes from Miami however, layers were necessary. Arrived at the Black Lodge in time to grab a beer at the sports bar next door and meet up with some friends from back home. Played with Ghostlimb and Tempest so of course the show was pretty awesome. There was definitely an aura of chaos that enveloped the Capsule set, because it was like a human claymore went off ( front towards capsule). After the show it was off to Ryan (Trap Them) and Ashley’s for some late night burrito’s and seedy netflix movies.

April 30th// Vancouver,BC

Capsule’s first border crossing and we have to admit, it went pretty smooth. We ‘re in a van and trailer and haven’t shaved in days, so naturally they ask us to pull over so they can ‘examine’ our belongings. We waited inside the complex where they proceeded to ask us obvious questions like ‘Are you a band?’‘Have you ever been arrested?’ ‘ Do you use marijuana?’ Of course all the answers were ‘yes’ but since we only had a couple twelve packs of good old American brew ( PBR’s, and a Session in the there somewhere) they had no choice but to let us go. We made it through the border in time to say what’s up to our boy Anthony from Miami who was on tour with Chris Cornell ( I know right?) and check out the Red Robinson theatre and casino. Sweet! Got to the show at Garbage Mountain and played with Ghostlimb and Tempest again, and I mean that in a ‘ sick we get to jam with these dudes again!’ way. Show was packed and we actually sold out of all our merch….*say it with me- again!! After the show we headed to a sweet grub spot ; the name escapes me for the moment, but that Asian noodle soup bowl will stick with me for a while. Crashed at Sean’s sweet pad and watched the Heat kill the Celtics in the 2nd round in the morning. Wade County for life!

May 1st//Victoria, BC

Woke up and took and jumped on the ferry over to Victoria Island. The only other time we took a ferry was to Denmark, but this was honestly the sweetest ferry ride we’d seen thus far. We told by our boys in Tempest to keep an eye out for Orca’s and crazy sea life, but we saw were some otters feeding on the surrounding schools of fish as they avoided the passing passenger ship. Then when the ferry detoured through the mountains it was like an episode on Discovery channel; the ‘ooo’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’ were reverberating through the cliffs looping over the vessel’s foghorn. It’s not an everyday feeling, unless you live in Victoria and work Vancouver, which would totally be worth it. Got to the show which was at Kyle’s house. It was a pretty cozy set to say the least - right inside the door were signs posted stating the rules of the house: Rule # 1 NO SHOES - SOCK MOSH! That night -as well as the night before in Vancouver- a van full of dudes pulled up all claiming they drove from Edmonton to see us for the weekend. ‘Nice,’ we replied thankfully, not really grasping at first that Edmonton was a solid twelve hour drive through blistering cold and barren Canadian tundra. It’ s not everyday a caravan of music lovers drive 800 miles to see your band. Unless you’re Phish or …like Miley Cyrus? It was radical to get to hang with those guys and talk about how miserable Edmonton is; coldest northern point in the world, beating out Siberia. I had started feeling a bit under the weather the last couple days ( probably from talking about all this cold weather), but luckily consumption of fluids is the best way to flush out any sickness, and the doctors office ( liquor store) was just around the corner.

May 2nd// Drive to SLC

Stopped at Lindsay’s (Robotic Empire) to pick up some merch and had a sweet Mexican feast…the rest was…well…driving.

May 3rd// Salt Lake City, UT

Drive to Salt Lake ,though long and seemingly endless, is never dull. Our space phones were set to ‘Photo’ ( or whatever the photo setting is called ) for the most part of the ride. We got to the shred just in time for the show and we stoked to see the LOOM and GAZA crew hanging out ready to jam. Show was off the hook and everything was beers and Nintendo the rest of the night. Only set back was when I tried to move the van to load out and jammed the ignition. ‘Whoopsi’s’ was the only word I could mutter, realizing anyone that says that with a slur at the end shouldn’t be trying to back up a van and trailer. Morning time came and we got the van fixed just in time to drive nine hours to Denver,CO. And the photo op’s continue…

May 4th//Denver,CO

When we hit Denver, the show was already rolling and Joyce Manor was jamming. Well, they were killing it really. We could only hear the music as we unloaded gear, but when JM wrapped up, they opened up the door - a large, slab of sheet metal like a garage door- and the venue was clear for all to see. Now we’d heard the Blast-O-Mat was really sick (‘sick’ count:12) and when we saw it with our own eyes, it was clear they weren't blowin’ smoke. Well aside from what was actually being smoked. We also ran into some of our old boys from Great Redneck Hope which it had been like 5 years since we’d seen any of them. Talk about way ‘back when’ (which was another back in the day band). Went off to our boy form Miami, Harry, and his lady friends place to crash out for -yep , you guess it - another nine hour drive to Omaha,NE.

May 5th// Omaha,NE

‘Happy Cinco de’ friggin’ Mayo’! was the first thing I said when we showed up to the Manor. I guess no one spoke Spanish because some one replied with ‘ we got some mayo in the fridge…by the beer.’ To which that my response was ‘ Naw I’m good, but I’ll take some of that beer.’ We played with The Fucking party and they were super heavy. Didn’t waste any time getting us to go back to there place and have beer and sleep ( another classic combo!). What can we say, other bands know what it’s like on the road and can relate; beers = bros..