Glenn Danzig reveals more about his covers album
Contributed by alex101, Posted by The Misfits

Glenn Danzig revealed a little detail concerning his forthcoming covers album in a recent interview with Miles Hackett of Vive Le Rock magazine. He said of the bands he's covering, "Well, Black Sabbath, of course. I love them! They are the key to so many things in my life." Danzig co-hosts "That Metal Show" with Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) on Vh1. He'll also be covering Elvis, the Rascals, and the Nuggets.

"My opinion of covers is that unless you're going to change and take a cover in a new direction, it's gonna get put up against the old one and you're gonna lose. It's like which would you rather listen to? The Righteous Brothers' 'Loving Feeling' or Hall and Oates' 'Loving Feeling'? It's like no fuckin way, duh?" Danzig said. "So currently this is an on-going project, laying down as many tracks as I feel like and maybe releasing a seven- or eight-song EP of the best ones once they're done."

The entire Glenn Danzig interview can be found in the current issue of Vive Le Rock magazine.