The Starting Line
by EMI Group

The Starting Line have effectively returned to action, at least as a semi-active band. The group had initially reunited for some shows in 2009 and performed at Australia's Soundwave festival in February of this year, but in a statement posted to AbsolutePunk guitarist Matt Watts offered some clarity on the band's future:

"As you've probably noticed, TSL has become slightly more active, and we even have a few new songs in the works. The main reason behind the break was to take some time and evaluate things, touring for 8+ years got really exhausting and we all needed to take a step away to see if TSL was something that we all still loved and wanted to pursue. After taking a much needed break, we're all at a point where we truly love and appreciate what we were able to do together, and genuinely miss playing shows, writing, and being around one another. … All of us have various things and commitments happening in our lives that aren't really conducive to year round touring. However, we do plan on playing shows more frequently and (slowly) working on a new album at some point. We're also trying to figure out a way to get to some of the cities that we haven't played since we went on 'break' (talking to all of you on the West Coast)."

The band will be supporting All Time Low on three Northeast dates in late July. Their last studio album was Direction, released in 2007.