Mad Conductor to collect singles and EPs on new release
Contributed by adamvms, Posted by Say-10

Say-10 Records will be releasing a collection of singles and EPs from The Mad Conductor. Due out July 19, 2011, it will feature the Mechanical Claw, Members Only, Central America EPs and one new song titled "Lethal Protector."

  1. Lethal Protector
  2. Central America (2010):

  3. Yo, Kid!
  4. The Parthenon
  5. Chillin’ in the Columns
  6. Crossgates Estates
  7. (2008):

  8. Members Only
  9. Soulless Experience
  10. Mechanical Claw (2006):

  11. Louisiana Truth Potion and the Human Thought Recorder
  12. Tomb Diggin’ Shovels
  13. Troubles in the Sewers
  14. Marifasa Lupina
  15. Nairobi