The Riot Before

Taking a break from making 20 hour hamburgers, the guys from The Riot Before have put together a little jaunt up the East Coast, north to America's favorite 51st state. They're be joined on select dates by Off with Their Heads, Dead To Me, Bomb the Music Industry! and Highlites.

You can find more details on the band's website, including additional European dates, or click Read More for the U.S. routing.

7/20Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Lanes
7/21Philadelphia, PA, The After School SpecialHighlites, Disaster Strikes, Thirsty
7/22Brooklyn, NY - The CharlestonHighlites, Man The Change, Money Paper Hearts, The Marine Electric
7/23New Bedford, MA - No ProblemoHighlites, Cedros
7/25Boston, MA, Great ScottHighlites, Choke Up, Dann Webb and the Spiders
7/26Cover, NH - Slaughterhouse 5Donations, With Highlites, Single Female Lawyer, TBA
7/27Quebec City, Quebec - L’Agitee
7/28Montreal, Quebec - L ‘Esco
7/29Ottawa, Canda - Cafe Dekcuf
7/30London, Ontario - The Dude RanchThe Hunters
7/31Toronton, Ontario - Sneeky DeesBomb The Music Industry, Sidekicks, The Hunters
8/1Detroit, MI Help!E-mail
8/2Lansing MI - Macs BarBomb The Music! Industry, Sidekicks, We Are The Union
8/3Grand Rapids, MITBA
8/5Chicago, IL - PanchosNoise By Numbers, Chinese Telephones, Vacation Bible School
8/6Normal IL- Firehouse Pizza
8/7Indianapolis, INTBA
8/8Louisville KY: 627 E Brandeis
8/10Atlanta, GA - Drunken UnicornOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me
8/11Tampa, FL - OrpheumOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me
8/12Miami, FL - Churchhill’sOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me
8/13Orlando, FL - Back BoothOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me
8/14Gainesville, FL - The AtlanticOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me
8/15Savannah, GA - The JinxOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me
8/16Charlotte, NC - The MilestoneOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me
8/17Johnson City, TN - The HideAwayOff With Their Heads and Dead To Me