Here's the latest batch of MP3s that have been filling up our humble little news inbox. Click below for links and songs from Haste The Day, Say No More, Brads One Man Band, Sideburn, Satellite Down, Misconduct, Last Second, Drowning Fish, Deltaforce 23, Girlband, Barefoot Army, 5¢ Deposit and Racing Daylight.

Anonymous writes us that if you're into heavy music check out the song "Substance" by Haste The Day, an unsigned band from Indiana.

Anonymous writes us about a punk rock band from Sweden called Say No More, check out their website. 

Anonymous writes us about Brads One Man Band, a guy from Utah who plays acoustic guitar and sings. Check out some MP3s here or some live songs here. 

Anonymous writes us about a band called Sideburn who have an acoustic cover of "Baby Got Back" here.

Anonymous writes us that Satellite Down has recently put out their first album titled "The Turning of The Tile" and are currently recording their next EP titled "The Vinyl Issue." You can check out songs from the band here.

The Misconduct Crew writes us that Swedish hardcore band Misconduct has a new website up with new MP3s, pics, info and more.

Anonymous writes us that SoCal band Last Second has released their debut EP "Against All Odds" on Orange County based Vanishing Point Records. The album is available online exclusively at

Anonymous writes us that Orange County pop-punk Drowning Fish have their complete album "Memories Made, Times Forgotten." The album is available for download at here. 

Anonymous writes us that Deltaforce 23 from Rochester, NY recently added 4 clips of songs from the demo they recently recorded to their web site. The demo was produced/engineered by Everett Ravestein (Rush, Barenaked Ladies, etc.) @ Chalet Studios in Canada.

Greg writes us that Barefoot Army has just released its debut album "…Since 2001". Mp3's should be up soon.

Scott writes us that Girlband will be releasing an MP3 from their much anticipated album, "One Disaster After Another." The album will be released in December on Indiestry Standard.

Anonymous writes us that 5¢ Deposit's CD "We Have Your Daughter!" will hit stores on November 12th. Check their website for two songs from the upcoming CD. 

George Newman writes us that Ultra High Frequency's new 5 song EP "This is Important" has arrived. Check their website for the song "Turn off the lights."

Anonymous writes us that Racing Daylight have posted a new MP3 from their new CD, "The Vision of Reality EP". The song is called "Story at 9" and it can be downloaded here.

Anonymous write us that A Trillion Barnacle Lapse have launched their website in time for the release of the band's debut album, "The Elemental Gearbot," on Level Plane Records.