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"A four way split cd has just been released in Australia featuring Midtown, The Movielife and Aussies Secondbest & Blueline Medic. Titled NEW.OLD.RARE, each band contributes as the title suggests a new track, an old track and a rare track. An American release of the cd is in the works for later in the year, but for now you'll have to import the Australian version released on Redline Records."
If you'd like to see the tracklisting of the split, click on READ MORE. And while we're on the subject of Midtown, don't forget to enter our Midtown contest where you can win just about everything under the sun, including a phone call from the band! Click here to find out how to enter.

1. Precious Things - Blueline Medic
2. Become What You Hate - Midtown
3. Up To Me - The Movielife
4. Don’t Look Back - Secondbest
5. Cathedral - Blueline Medic
6. Just Rock And Roll - Midtown
7. Once In A Row - The Movielife
8. Trapped In Me - Secondbest
9. They’ll Let You Know - Blueline Medic
10. Let Go (remix) - Midtown
11. If Only Duct Tape Could Fix Everything - The Movielife
12. New Direction - Secondbest