Red Line Distribution wants in on some contest action too! They're giving away huge CD packs to 5 lucky winners. Included are the following records:

  • Tricky Dick - "discography" - On Quincy Shanks Records
  • The 4-Squares - "Steve's Hamper" - On Quincy Shanks Records
  • The Siderunners - "Ain't Inventin' The Wheel" - On Failed Experiment Records
  • V/A - "1157 Wheeler Avenue:a memorial for amadou diallo" Featuring Anti-Flag, Strike Anywhere, Common Rider, the Methadones, and lots more - On Failed Experiment Records
  • The Killing Tree - "Bury Me At Make-Out Creek" - On Government Music [TKT is Tim from Rise Against's other band]


  • Red Line Distribution sampler Vol.1 (24 tracks from 8 Chicago Labels - Out of Print)
  • Red Line Distribution sampler Vol.2 (18 tracks from 9 Chicago Labels)

    This is a great intro to what's going on in the Chicago music scene - everything from hardcore punk rock to straight up country rock'n'roll. Five winners will be chosen at random next Wednesday. To enter, send an email to CONTEST CLOSED. Include your name and mailing address. Please, one entry per person.