The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids will be going on hiatus and "splitting off to do some different projects" once their current European tour wraps. The band posted this message via Facebook:

"Hey friends, a heads up too, if you are thinking of making it out to one of the upcoming shows. This is most likely the last chance to see us over in Europe for a while - we are all pretty much splitting off to do some different projects once we're back home. So if you're saying "I'll see it next time…" you may well have a long long wait! See you soon, then?!"

TGUK released There Are Rules earlier this year, their first new album in seven years.

EDIT: The band has somewhat clarified their statement, stating that they're "taking some time to work on other things" and stating that this break isn't, in fact, a hiatus, despite whatever some silly dictionary might say.