E Line Music: 24-hour internet music television channel
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Launching on November 7th, E Line Music (eLMTV) promises to feature both signed and unsigned artists of all genres including music videos, interviews, news, concert footage, and talk shows.

The press release states: "In the future, internet connections will come standard on TVs, phones, and cars. Today when you buy a new TV it comes with internet capabilities." says Jen Hodges, Director of Operations at E Line. "Even now, a lot of people don't buy cable and rely on the web for entertainment. We are trying to be ahead of that curve." E Line CEO Sonny Paradise says, "A new music industry needs a new music company."

The site states that upcoming interviews include Joe Queer, AC4, Cheetah Chrome, The Real McKenzies, The Coathangers, Andy Shernoff, Mick Turner, Agnostic Front, Cancer Bats, among others.

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