by BYO

Finland's Manifesto Jukebox is currently touring Europe. They're playing shows in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Click below for the dates. Check out a review of their fantastic new record "Remedy" that was released this year on BYO Records. The band has an e-card available from where you can download the track "When Bubbles Burst" and more.


DateCityVenueOther Bands
10/22/2002Peterborough, UKThe Boys Head
10/23/2002Brighton, UKFreebuttRetisonic
10/24/2002Leeds, UKThe Fenton
10/26/2002London, UKThe VergeThe Pavers, Woolworthy
10/27/2002Portsmouth, UKThe Horseshoe
10/28/2002Southampton, UKKing Alfred
11/1/2002Manchester, UKThe Redhouse
11/2/2002Liverpool, UKRampworxThe Anti-Hero Skate Team
11/6/2002Soliera, ItalyArci Dude
11/7/2002Milan, ItalyLeonkavallo
11/8/2002Rome, ItalyTBA
11/9/2002Torino, ItalyEl Paso
11/11/2002Berlin, GermanyWild At Heart
11/12/2002Potsdam, GermanyBlack Fleck
11/13/2002Chemniz, GermanyBauernhof
11/14/2002Maxhutte, GermanyHuttenschänke
11/15/2002Wil, SwitzerlandRemise
11/16/2002Freiburg, GermanyKTS
11/17/2002Karlsruhe, GermanyEx-Steffi
11/19/2002Nuenscritz, GermanyKombiEndstand, Running Like Thieves
11/22/2002Hannover, GermanyKornTurbostaat
11/23/2002Göttingen, GermanyJuzeTurbostaat
11/24/2002Giessen, GermanyAKTurbostaat
11/25/2002Saarbrucken, GermanyAlte FeuerwacheTurbostaat
11/27/2002Köln, GermanyBauwagenplatzTurbostaat
11/28/2002Mulheim, GermanyAZTurbostaat
11/29/2002Bremen, GermanyFriensenstrTurbostaat
11/30/2002Hamburg, GermanyStörtebecker