DMND (Trapped Under Ice, Down to Nothing) announces new EP

DMND, which features members of Trapped Under Ice and Down to Nothing, have announced a new EP. Despite the history of their members, the band is described as:

Influenced by 90's alternative music, Skateboarding, and girls, Diamond has the ability to deliver the dark and driving backbone of a Jimmy Eat World song infused with sugary-sweet melodies reminiscent of Blue Album-era Weezer. Frontman Justin Gilman's vocals are easily identified by his swift jumps between loud, belting choruses to a delicate, whispering falsetto, often compared to that of Josh Homme or Jeff Buckley.

The record is titled Don't Lose Your Cool and is due out November 29th, 2011 via . You can find some music and their previous EP for free download on their Bandcamp profile