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An unusual story coming from the always colorful state of Virginia today; apparently a "zombie Obama" shirt used by right-wing/conservative hardcore outfit Head for the Mountains has led to the resignation of a Virginia Republican and earned the scrutiny of the Secret Service.

HFTM vocalist Matt Monroe had enlisted an artist to create "zombie Obama" shirts for the band that satirized the "Hope" and "Change" campaign posters of the 2008 election designed by artist Shepard Fairey. The photos presented the president with a gunshot wound which led to problems with the secret service who are tasked with investigating all threats against the President. The problems began when Loudoun County Republican Committee Communications Director Robert Jesionowski used the image in a Halloween-themed mass e-mail and created the controversy. Since then, Jesionowski has resigned.

As for Head for the Mountains, the increased attention has encouraged Matt Monroe to reform the band:

We only made 25 of those shirts. It took two years to get a response! The design was made strictly for shock value. Obviously the bullet hole is in reference to what you do with zombies, NOT with presidents. The band might reform. We have friends telling us we'd be stupid not to, if only to sell some shirts.

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