Detournement (2008-2011)

Political punks Detournement have announced their "exit strategy." The band, which began in 2008 with members of Lifetime, Wortheless United, Bigwig, Ensign members, announced that they are calling it quits after the release of an elaborate new vinyl release and a (nearly) final show this week. The band has cited "creative in-differences" as the reason for their split. Details about the second to last show can be found here and will feature the band headlining in Asbury Park, NJ. A final, final show is expected before the end of the year.

The band is also planning a literally "explosive" final vinyl release in the form of a Know Your Rights which will be packaged in the form of a molotov cocktail, complete with screen printed fuse and bottle. You'll probably have to supply your own gasoline or napalm. The hand-numbered bottles are limited to 250 copies and you can find the record here.