Social Distortion
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Mike Ness of Social Distortion recently sat down for an interview with The Weekender, and while talking about the writing process, noted that writing for the band's next album is already underway.

"We have kind of set a goal to just be a little bit more prolific and not let the gaps be so big in between records. I realized, this time around, that the creative process doesn't have to end when the record is done… You usually shut down and get into tour mode, and this time I kind of left those doors open, and as a result, I'm still writing and still feeling a creative flow, so we have a great start on a new record. We're going to shock everybody, I think."

The band's most recent release was the long-awaited Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes in 2011, following a 7-year gap between releases. You can read the whole interview here.