Toronto restaurant borrows Black Flag logo?
by Black Flag

We've received comments from readers that Four, a Toronto, Ontario-based restaurant has appropriated the Black Flag logo as their own. The restaurant is owned by Sircorp, a chain of mid-to-high end restaurants. Black Flag's logo is of course widely recognized. The design blog designtalk recently profiled it in their list of favourite brands:

The name [Black Flag] was suggested by Ginn's brother, artist Raymond Pettibon, who also designed the band's logo: a stylized black flag represented as four black bars. Pettibon stated "If a white flag means surrender, a black flag represents anarchy." Their new name was reminiscent of the anarchist symbol, the insect spray of the same name, and of the British heavy metal group Black Sabbath, one of Ginn's favorite bands. Ginn suggested that he was "comfortable with all the implications of the name." The band spray painted the simple, striking logo all over Los Angeles, gaining attention from potential supporters, and thoroughly irritating police.

So what do you think? Is the Four restaurant logo close enough to be confused with the iconic Raymond Pettibon-designed original?