Panic signs Breag Naofa
by Panic

Panic Records has signed Breag Naofa. The Seattle-based band will be releasing their self-titled debut on February 14, 2012. The band's name comes from Old Irish Gaelic and is pronounced Bray-G Nay-Fuh) which simply means "holy lie" the sound is described as:

Breag Naofa brings on a sound that is of the slow, crushing, heavy repetitive nature while adding layers of ambience to almost give you the feeling of being "lost" along with them in the music. Breag Naofa will surprise you with heavy crushing riffs that start out like a slow locomotive to full force driving "d-beat" style riffs and rhythms. Creating enough anxiety to then calmly bring you back down into yet another ambient wave of music that continues to still hit hard while at the same time hypnotize. Following in the footsteps of other primogenitor artists such as CULT OF LUNA, FALL OF EFRAFA and ISIS, Breag Naofa want to further extend the boundaries that their music can take them and evolve with the music and the message.

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