Brendan Kelly names new project, plans releases
Contributed by veep, Posted by Red Scare

After dropping hints for the past six months or so about a new solo project, Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon and Slapstick has revealed the name of his new solo project: Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds. The name, is a nerdy reference to the Wandervogel of Germany; groups formed in the late 1800s whose wanted to escape the confines of society and return to nature and freedom. (Thanks college!)

He made the announcement on his blog:

I wrote all these songs over the course of the last few years since Buttsweat and Tears came out. They came together really slowly and for a long time, I didn't know what to do with them because while some were pretty punk rock and could conceivably been Falcon or TLA songs, most of them were not. it's a weird kind of collective, but it's really just four of us at the core of it, although nobody but me is on every song. Most of it is me and Nick playing and Eric and Shawn producing.

He notes the The Lawrence Arms have definitely not broken up which is probably evidenced by their upcoming tour. Alternative Press notes that a full length is due for release in February and it will be preceded by a three-song digital EP. The EP is titled A Man With The Passion Of Tennessee Williams and is due out December 27, 2011.