Luke McNeill (The Copyrights), Brian Przybylsk (Shores), Dave Drobach (Grabass Charlestons)

Welcome to another delightful edition of, "Things people consider the best things of this year and we post them because they're people we like and you probably care about"….Or (if you're into brevity) the, "Best of 2011" lists. In this edition we feature Luke McNeill of The Copyrights, Brian Przybylski of Shores and Dave Drobach of Grabass Charlestons. Check back often to see the opinions of those who matter spattered across our front page. It's what space Santa would want.

Luke McNeill - The Copyrights

The Copyrights 10. Direct Hit - Domesplitter
9. Night Birds - The Other Side of Darkness
8. Underground Railroad to Candyland - Knows Your Sins
7. Yuck - Yuck
6. Tenement - Napalm Dream
5. Banner Pilot - Heart Beats Pacific
4. Fucked Up - David Come to Life
3. House Boat - The Thorns of Life
2. Bright Eyes - The People's Key
1. Ryan Adams - Ashes and Fire

Brian Przybylski - Shores

Shores In no particular order:

Dave Drobach - Grabass Charlestons / No Idea Production Manager

Grabass Charlestons In no particular order:

  • Future Virgins - Western Problems
  • Cutman - Universal Laws
  • Good Luck - Without Hesitation
  • Senders - Lucidity / Lividity
  • Post Teens - s/t 7"
  • Obits - Moody, Standard and Poor
  • Chris Wollard & Addison Burns - Little Bitta 7"
  • Tom Waits - Bad As Me
  • Big Eyes - Hard Life
  • Big Kitty - Florence