Dirtnap releases EP from Little Cuts (with Dave Hernandez of Scared of Chaka)
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Dirtnap

Dirtnap Records has announced tomorrow's release of a three song EP of loud, chaotic pop from Seattle's Little Cuts. The band features Dave Hernandez of Scared of Chaka and (more recently and famously) the Shins.

Dirtnap had the following to say about the release "

A-side is a slow building pop jam that would not have sounded too out of place in Broadcast Oblivion's (Dave's underrated post-Scared Of Chaka pre-Shins band) set, backed with 2 garage stompers on the B-side. Expect more from this band in 2012.

Some songs are streaming on their Myspace page.

The Shins, for their part will be releasing Port of Morrow next year, though without Hernandez or really any original members.