Record labels slam Google over illegal downloads
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Google is facing criticism from the major record labels, according to Gigwise because its service still acts as a portal towards music piracy - and apparently does too little to combat it.

Speaking on behalf of the major labels, the IFPI accepted that "modest steps" had been taken, but the search giant should have done more to combat digital pirates who can search for torrents and downloads through Google - just as they can through a dedicated portal like the Pirate Bay. Further, it highlights that Google profits from this activity, as it earns from advertisements displayed while people search for illegal downloads. The IFPI is quoted as saying:

"Google also needs to do more to ensure that it does not derive revenue from illegal activity and supports the digital marketplace in which it itself is a participant,"

Now the IFPI insists that Google takes action by prioritising search results which lead to legal music services.

In September, Google made a public commitment to copyright protection through an official blog.

Meanwhile, Google has opened its own digital music store in the US to compete with Apple's iTunes.

What do you make of this? Is Google culpable for crimes committed on sites found through it's services, or is this like blaming street maps for burglary? Take it to the comments.