Summer Vacation (West Coast)
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Recess Tours

California's Summer Vacation are touring the West Coast in support of their recently-released album, Condition, which the band has also posted on their Bandcamp page.

The band previously appeared on a split with Joyce Manor, and our own Punknews podcast.

12/30/11Riverside, CABlood Orange Infoshopw/ High Dive, Peanut Butter & Jammage
12/31/11San Jose, CATexasToastw/ Sourpatch, Wild Moth, Leer
1/1/12Berkeley, CAGilmanw/ Leer, Yulia, Walter Mitty AHMSO
1/3/12Portland, ORLaughing Horsew/ Pardee Shorts, Duck Little Brother Duck
1/4/12Seattle, WAThe Mystery Machinew/ The Exquisites, Craig Salt Peters, Special Explosion
1/5/12Olympia, WATBAw/ Dogjaw, Jock
1/6/12Portland, ORJurassic Parkw/ Walter Mitty AHMSHO, Jake Hinshaw
1/7/12San Francisco, CAFive Points Art Housew/ Joyride, Acid Fast, Like Bats
1/8/12Santa Cruz, CA215 Storey houseTBA
1/9/12Santa Barbara, CABiko Garagew/ Innards, The Reptilian, Colossus Rex, Wild Moth