Jonathan Diener of The Swellers would prefer you not believe everything you read on the Internet. After his brother Nick posted a Facebook note about a new band, rumors swirled that the band had broken up, or at least gone on hiatus. This is not the case, nor is Nick's new band an actual band. Says Jono:

Some of you may have seen everything getting posted about my brother, Nick's new band Strange Hawks. Things seem to be getting way out of hand. Why? Because not only is the band NOT REAL, but neither is the drama! Someone found the "band" on Nick's facebook, got it posted to Absolutepunk so we got our friends involved (fake comments/tweets) in a huge joke. That's how the internet works, it's hilarious. We have also started writing the next Swellers album! It's sounding killer so far and we hope to be demoing in the next few months whenever we're home.

So, rather than breaking up, the band will be doing what normal bands do; going on tour, writing new songs and doing band stuff. So, I guess taxes and stuff?