Tim Browne (Elway) and Steve-O (The Holy Mess) release acoustic split
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Elway's Tim Browne and The Holy Mess' Steve-O have released an acoustic split together under the monikers Soviet Bear and Foul Weathered Friend. The split is titled Fool's Gold and features 3 songs from each artist. Browne released the following statement regarding the split:

Over the past few years of playing in our respective shit shows ("bands" for the layman), Steve-o and I have become good buddies and, in the inebriated spirit from which our friendship grew, we give you this record.

It wasn't really planned to be this way, but all of the original songs on Fool's Gold are really offbeat when you consider the sources. I think both of us were trying to do something different and possibly circumnavigate the truly pervasive lameness of forced, awkward Americana that seems to be milling about in the once proud jukeboxes of all my favorite bars. I for one am very pleased with the results. We also covered one of each other's songs, which is cute!

I recorded my four tracks at my house in Fort Collins with the help of my buddy Chris Love (from a spectacular band called Sour Boy, Bitter Girl) and Steve-o recorded his three with his buddy Andrew Clarke in Philadelphia.

Elway last released Delusions in 2011 whereas The Holy Mess released The Holy Mess in 2011 as well.

You can download the split from Death to False Hope Records.