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Spike Cassidy, guitarist and co-founder of D.R.I., is recovering in hospital after complications, including infection, following his colectomy surgery earlier this year. A colectomy, for those not well versed in such matters, is the complete removal of one's colon. Blabbermouth are reporting that Cassidy's doctors have pinpointed the infection, and while he is likely be released from hospital soon, his rehabilitation is likely to effect D.R.I.'s touring schedule for the early part of this year.

Originally diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004, Spike had a one foot section of his large intestine removed in 2006. Spike's treatments have also included chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is understood that his battle with the disease is ongoing, but that he is winning. At risk of editorialising, Punknews wishes him as full and speedy a recovery as is possible.