Tom Delonge planning more Angels & Airwaves material, less Blink-182?
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Universal Music Group

In a new interview with This Is Fake DIY, Angels and Airwaves bandleader and Blink 182 guitarist Tom Delonge talked a bit about his plans for the next year. Most notably, the musician hints that Blink 182 might be less of a focus in 2013 saying: "After this year, my schedule is going to be a lot easier." Tom is probably referring to Blink's ongoing tour plans as it celebrates it's 20th anniversary as a band.

With this new time, Tom is planning to work on more material with Angels and Airwaves:

It's all about planning, you know? I had a lot that had to happen last year for us to get to this point where we are now. I worked really, really, really hard to get here, but I think now, because of that hard work, starting towards the end of this year and next year, we [AVA] are set up and scheduled in a way that we will finally be able to do what it is that we've always wanted to do since seven years ago. "Nothing will be in the way, starting at that point.

Despite being busy with the release of a new Blink-182 album titled Neighborhoods in 2011, Delonge's Angels & Airwaves have no been too quiet either. The group released LOVE in 2010 and LOVE II in 2011 as well as working on a film version of LOVE.