Updates from Jakarta Punk documentary project (Exclusive)

Earlier in March, Indonesian punk fans and filmmakers Maria, Ayumi & Niall began a Kickstarter project to document the vibrant (but threatened) punk scene in Indonesia with a focus on the countries' capital in Jakarta. We asked one of the directors - Niall Macaulay - to give us an update and he provided this to Punknews.org:

Hey Punknews.org, thanks for your support so far. We have been on the streets of Jakarta working on our film Jakarta's Punk: The Marjinal Story, and what an interesting time it has been. Marjinal, our featured band, had been on TV recently talking about the arrests of punks in Indonesia. We found ourselves in the government offices talking to the head of youth services, in a surprisingly vibrant and friendly conference.

Our fundraising is entering its final week, so if anyone wants to support our film about Jakarta punks, please head over to our Kickstarter. We are accepting donations from as little as a dollar, and offering great rewards that we buy at a premium price and are handmade by the Jakarta Punks themselves.

It should be noted that it was a different (and legally distinct) Indonesia region - Aceh - that suffered from the government attempts to reeducate punks.