All Shall Perish and label surprised to find out they're suing downloaders

Metalcore outfit All Shall Perish and their label Nuclear Blast were recently surprised by the discovery that they essentially part of a suit against people who were sharing the band's last album This is Where it Ends. The suit is demanding that file sharers pay $150,000 apiece for sharing the album, despite the fact that neither the band themselves nor the label had anything to do with filing the suit. The suit is being undertaken by a Panama-based company called World Digital Rights.

According to the suit filed last week, World Digital Rights is trying to obtain the names of 100 alleged file-sharers so they can be hauled into court or settle for thousands of dollars. All Shall Perish says they were "blindsided by the revelations" and find the situation awful.

According to a TorrentFreak report, the suit stems from a licensing deal that Nuclear Blast signed, but they say they were completely unaware of any plans to sue music downloaders.

Of course, if the album was properly licensed, then there is literally nothing that All Shall Perish can do except watch music fans being sued in their name.