Bamboozle Guide, part two

Welcome back to Bamboozle Guide Part II: Revenge of Bamboozle Guide. This time around, we'll be issuing forth our top picks for Bamboozle's Sunday lineup. I hope you folks like Bon Jovi even half as much as I like Bon Jovi. Tickets for the whole shebang are still available here. My Lansdale hardcore roots demand I rep the Wonder Years, who are playing Friday. So go scream at them if you're interested.

I love Bayside like you all love Hot Water Music. Every time I've seen play they have never put on a bad show. They have a great back catalog to pull from, including last year's new album, and maybe a song from Anthony Raneri's solo record. This is the one band I would not miss. I hope none of you do.-Justin Dickman Bon Jovi
I get it, you’re tru punx. But ya know what? After you’re done boppin’ to Comeback Kid and skankin’ to Catch 22, you might as well stick around and throw down to some motherflippin’ "Livin’ on a Prayer" and "Bad Medicine." Maybe slur the words to "Bed of Roses" to your lover. Point is, Bon Jovi wrote some boss ’80s jams. Man I hope they hook up with the Gaslight Anthem for a song.-Joe Pelone The Bouncing Souls
No joke: I’ve been seeing this band live about three-five times a year since I was 16 and they never ever disappoint. Bamboozle is in Jersey, the Souls are from Jersey, you’ve gotta see ‘em! Walk on some heads during "E.C.F.U." They have a new song on their upcoming album called "We Love Fun" and that’s a fact.-Kira Wisnieswki Brand New
Brand New: Soaring hooks, melodic choruses, a wide range of dynamics and just a pinch of '90s revivalism. If there was ever a forum for Brand New to shine, it was a big one, so Bamboozle is the place to be if you like that kind of a thing… and really, you might be Mr. Crust Punk Jones, but EVERYONE likes soaring hooks, melodic chorus, a wide range of dynamics and a pinch (or a pound) of ‘90s revivalism.-John Gentile Buckchery
Rock and roll, ROCK and ROLLLLLLL! ROCK! AND! ROLL! BABY! Buckcherry is back and they face quite a different field than before. Before their hiatus, rock was king. But now, hip-hop and dance dominate. Can Buckcherry once again harness the power of the riff, absorb the power of AC/DC, Kiss and Van Halen and blast the audience away with tales of drinking, dames and destruction? Only one way to find out. Strap on that headband, slide on the aviators, and get to it!-John Gentile Andrew Dice Clay
Hickery dickory dock,
Diceman's doin' a comedy block,
Will it be clean or will it be blue,
You say he'll be a chicken,
But I think he'll be a cock.-John Gentile The Gaslight Anthem
NOW is the time to see Gaslight Anthem. Although the group has been steadily growing its fan base and exposure through its cross of classic punk, soul and Springsteen worship, they've JUST finished recording their major label debut, but haven't released it. You'll get to hear the new tunes in their rawest, most pure form! Plus, you can totally go and elbow people in the ribs and then say, "Oh, excuse me, but I saw them in a basement in '06. My bad."-John Gentile Patent Pending
Patent Pending is a fun band. They are a fun band to listen to. Overall, they're just fun to watch from their videos to their old webisodes with Benny the Whale and should make for a great set to watch.-Justin Dickman Sailesh the Uncensored Hypnotist
Have you ever wanted to do something in public, but have avoided due to outdated concepts of "decency" or "tastefulness?" Well, now it's your time, baby! Dubbed the World's Greatest Hypnotist by MTV Europe, Sailesh's hypnotism show, which DOES hypnotize audience volunteers, is something resembling a frat party crossed with a rock concert crossed with "suggestion." So really, you can get hypnotized and then pretty much do whatever you want, and then afterwards blame it on the "mind control." Let your freak flag fly!-John Gentile Xombie
Xombie is a rap-metal band that competed in Bamboozle's The Break Contest, which offered smaller acts a shot at playing on the main stage. While This Good Robot ultimately won, Xombie is the act that covers 50 Cent's "In Da Club," so I think we all know who is the real winner.-Joe Pelone