Matt Toka plans debut EP release

Matt Toka has announced his debut release for Warner Music Group. The musician will release his self-titled debut EP on June 12, 2012. Despite having no previous releases, the musician has gained considerable notoriety over the past year with a series of video releases including original music, Beastie Boys covers, Coldplay covers, Adele covers and more. It also probably doesn't hurt that Warner chairman and Green Day producer Rob Cavallo has taken such an interest in the singer.

Toka has also been confirmed for the entirety of the Warped Tour with the EP set to be released to (not surprisingly) coincide with the kickoff of the travelling festival. The EP will feature six studio versions of Matt's YouTube releases including "666," "Ode To My Family," and "Say10."

Matt Toka

  1. 666
  2. Get Money
  3. Ode To My Family
  4. Say10
  5. Courtney (Acoustic)
  6. 666 (Acoustic)
  7. 666 (Lyric video)*
  8. Get Money (Lyric video)*

* - Digital Version only