Say Anything

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis was recently interviewed by our friends at Punktastic, while he was in London on tour. During the interview, Bemis talked about how society seems to be becoming more open and accepting of things that were once stigmatised, including mental health, and trans issues:

I think the term 'bipolar' is now a common… to be specific about what I suffer from… It's like a common household name at this point. When you say "Oh, yeah, I know this guy who's bipolar', it doesn't really, necessarily, tend to be followed by a discussion of how 'nutty' and 'crazy' they are. It's just, like, "this dude is bipolar", y'know? I'm really proud of that, and obviously that wasn't my doing, that was just society evolving.

And stuff like Tom from Against Me! coming out at transgender… I think people are becoming really open and supportive, especially in the punk community. It's really nice that it's no longer this, y'know, weird boys' club, where everyone kinda looks down on people who are different. I think it's awesome.

You can find the full thirteen minute video here.