Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm have begun recording their new full-length with producer J. Robbins, the band has announced. The band is planning for a fall release of the album, which will be called Please Remain Calm. Run For Cover Records will be putting the record out.

Hostage Calm frontman Chris Martin said of the album:

My Mom had lost her job and gone without work for a year; she was losing the house. Three other houses on my street were left abandoned. I had graduated school and was scraping by on odd jobs. It seemed like myself and everyone I knew were going through this monumental standstill, this endless waiting. I got to thinking that there's a song across every corner of this wounded place that maybe everybody knew, but no one's singing. And it was then at 5am in Baltimore Penn that punk music needed to tell the story of the great recession. Not the politics, not the sloganeering, but how it feels to be young in the American decline.

The band's previous album, Hostage Calm was released in 2010.