Irvine councilman wants to stop the Warped Tour
by Warped Tour

It seems the incorporated Orange County suburb of Irvine, California wants to compete with Middleborough, Massachusetts for most ridiculous use of council time. The town council - alarmed by horrifying, terrifying cursing and the assembly thousands of suburban kids - has expressed grave misgivings about allowing the Warped Tour into their town. Councilman Jeffrey Lalloway led the charge saying:

This is crossing the line. We need to have a family-friendly venue out there. The show, which is allowed to sell as many as 15,000 tickets, would produce traffic, noise, sanitary problems and goodness knows what other kinds of problems for city residents."

Of course, "goodness knows" is a convenient shorthand for "I can't think of anything else" and one journalist struggled to find an example of anything occurring around the country at Warped stops other than underage drinking. So while 2012 will go on as planned, the members aim to draw up a policy outline to prevent future events with what they see as "vulgar themes."