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us to let us know about two Green Day Tribute-related contests going on now:

  • The first is a contest to come up with the title for the upcoming Green Day Tribute album (for info on the album go to The chosen winner will be given full credit in the album credits (with your ugly face next to it if you want) and 10 free copies of the CD.
  • The second contest is to design the Green Day Tribute album cover and layout design/theme. Anyone can enter the contest and you can create ANYTHING you want! It can be cartoon artwork, photographs, graphic design or a mixture of all three. The winner of this particular contest will also receive 10 free copies of the CD, acknowledgement in the album credits (with a link to your website or email address so you can get more business) and $100 cash.

    For more information, rules, and to find out how to enter, click READ MORE.

  • The deadline for these two contests is January 31st of 2003 but try and get your stuff to us as soon as possible! The winners of both contests will be posted on our website on Monday, February 3rd of 2003 and also notified by The Skunk Ape himself!

    You can email your suggested title for the album or artwork design (or both) starting NOW at or you may snail mail it to:

    Skunk Ape Records
    8671 Enramada Ave
    Whittier, CA 90605

    If sending by mail, you can send us your original artwork if you wish or you can send us a copy of it instead. We know it’s hard to part with your art so we recommend emailing the art or sending us copies.

    You can submit as many album title names or artwork designs as you wish!

    Good luck everyone and The Skunk Ape will be looking forward to all the awesome ideas…

    The Skunk Ape
    Skunk Ape Records