by Warped Tour

In a new interview, Kevin Lyman of Warped Tour revealed that the tour - now in it's 18th year - will be the site of a new reality show set to air on Fuse.TV in the fall. Lyman said this about it:

. It's done by the guys who--did you ever watch Swamp People? No? It's a reality show, but it's more like educational reality. It's not a Jersey Shore-type exploitative kind of show. It's more like this is how these guys live--it's fun and it's hard work, and shows the dynamics of being on the road.

Lyman also talked positively about the 2012 lineup, noting:

I read something I read the other day. It said that the Vans Warped Tour had the most eclectic lineup this summer. I was really proud of that. […] Music-wise, there's the Acoustic Basement. So many [punk/rock] artists are recording albums and doing acoustic tours to support those albums, so this is kind of an extension of that. And Chuck Ragan [of the Florida punk band Hot Water Music] is a good friend of mine and he'll be out there for a while. We're supporting his revival tour through the Warped Tour and trying to get younger fans.

Musically, I like majority of the band since I book all the bands on the tour. Big thing for me are the new bands--Dead Sara, Mod Sun, Silver Comet, the Constellations. If you come to Warped Tour and you see bands on the side stages, you'll end up seeing them on the main stage pretty soon.

The 2012 tour kicked off this past Saturday. .