Franz Nicolay
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Xtra Mile

The always charming (and apparently mustache-free) Franz Nicolay has joined the international wing of Xtra Mile and the formerly UK-only label will be releasing his new album Do the Struggle on July 30, 2012 with vinyl coming on Sabot Productions. For the album, Franz enlisted producer Oktopus of Dälek who you may recall also produced Paint It Black's New Lexicon.

Musicians on the album include the Guignol rhythm section of John Bollinger (drums) and George Rush (bass, tuba) and guests including Ezra Kire (Leftover Crack, Morning Glory) and Emilyn Brodsky.

  1. The Hearts Of Boston
  2. Do The Struggle
  3. Did Your Broken Heart Make You Who You Are?
  4. Frankie Stubbs’ Tears
  5. You Don’t Know I’m Here
  6. Take No Prisoners (w/ Emilyn Brodsky)
  7. The Migration Of The Cuckoo
  8. The Day All The Leaves Came Down
  9. Joy