Lamb Of God
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Metal site The Gauntlet has posted video of three interactions between the late fan and Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe that they claim exonerates the singer. Blythe was arrested last week and charged with manslaughter in the death of the fan with police saying that he hit him "a lot" and then "took him by the hair and threw down quite quickly."

Leaving aside the fact that video isn't terribly good at showing what didn't happen, the clips do show less violent interactions between the metal singer and the alleged victim. That doesn't mean though, that something happened and wasn't captured of course.

Check out the footage here.

On a related note, GWAR vocalist Oderus Urungus has been expressing some strongly worded support for his fellow musician, saying this:

I am fucking appalled at the LACK of concern in the US media for the fate of Randy Blythe… Naw, just because Randy is in a nasty metal band you can just throw his ass in jail anytime you want. The whole of music media should come the fuck out and condemn this arrest and detainment. This whole thing stinks of a shakedown.