Henry Rollins weighs in on the motives behind anti-gay fringe groups
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Politics

In a new clip from Big Think, Henry Rollins weighs in on the actions of homophobic and anti-gay marriage groups describing them as being coldly calculated methods of raising funds from a tiny minority of homophobes. He also adds that he has little interest in marriage himself, laughingly noting that he's not willing to give up half of his record collection and first pressings of Led Zeppelin and Ramones records.

As far as abortion and gay marriage opponents go, he states unequivocally: "your opinion doesn't matter here." He also talks about an important incident in his youth which helped mobilize him against homophobia and racism. The seven minute clip features just Henry speaking to the camera about these issues.

Rollins is currently promoting his upcoming spoken word tour titled Capitalism which kicks off September 6th with shows in all 50 states leading up to the Presidential election on November 6.