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us with a quote from a recent interview with D.O.A's Joey "Shithead" Keithley in which he spoke about the Dead Kennedys / Jello Biafra legal disputes. Are we just trolling for comments here? Probably. We Punknews staffers still think like the that most rational voice in this argument came from the Gilmore Girls. Here's Joey's opinion:

"…I'm really good friends with Jello and we put out five albums on his label. This is what I'll say: Alternative Tentacles is one of the only labels that ever actually paid D.O.A. They did a lot for us, and I never had any problem, there was never anything dishonest in any kind of accounting method. That's not to say anything about what happened with the other guys. It sort [sic] of weird, 'cause Biafra carved out a really strong career for himself, doing solo records and guest spots and his spoken-word thing. The other guys never got the ball going on anything else that was really productive. So you can see that's probably where the resentment came from, at least in part, and they had that big argument. [snip] Kids all over the place know the Kennedys and look up to them. Now for them to end up arguing with lawyers…unfortunately, that's basically the way it ended with the Clash too. It's just a bunch of fuckin' lawyers having at it. But I wasn't in any of those bands, so it's kind of hard for me to say. All I gotta say is Biafra's a really, really honest guy, but I still like the others guys,[sic] too, they're really nice guys."