Big D and the Kids Table

On October 2, 2012, Big D and the Kids Table will be releasing Built Up From Nothing: The D-Sides & Strictly Dub. As you might have gathered from the name, the double CD release will compile unreleased songs, rarities, out takes and alternate versions. The first disc (The "D-Sides") will include studio outtakes and unreleased tracks from 1996 to 2012 along with interviews about each song. The second disc ("Strictly Dub") is a collection of dub versions of music from the band's catalogue.

The album will be available digitally and on vinyl and a CD version will be exclusive to the band's merch table.

  1. Dave Shows Up On The Street
  2. #5
  3. Sean, Somewhere in Kentucky
  4. Moping For Equality
  5. Dave, About How It Goes
  6. Apologies
  7. Dave, About LAX
  8. Dave and Sean, Why We're Poor
  9. Digging In Your Nails
  10. Dave, It's The Shit
  11. LAX (original recording)
  12. Lash Out
  13. Dave, What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
  14. DQ Girl
  15. Dave, 1996 Shows
  16. Dave, Good Times Good Friends
  17. Half Way Home
  18. Don't Ask Me Just Do It Baby
  19. Dave and Sean, Crappy Jobs
  20. Dave, All Ages
  21. Born on the Edge
  22. Beyond The Obvious
  1. Dub-D
  2. Strictly Rude Dub I
  3. Dave Say Bye
  4. Chin Up Boy Dub
  5. Baby Don't Cry
  6. Oo le Ya 1.
  7. Rude Boy Likes a Girl
  8. I'll Be There When You Get BackThese Dubbed Street
  9. She Knows Her Way Dub-el-Dub
  10. These Dubbed Streets (Rehersal)
  11. Come Along (Rehersal)
  12. Half Way Home Dub
  13. Relocate the Beat Dub
  14. Strictly Rude Dub II
  15. Strictly Rude Dub III
  16. Dub-Fin
  17. She Knows Her Way Dub