Trash Talk
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A riot broke out at Trash Talk's free Los Angeles, California date this past Wednesday night. The fights began when fans were turned away by security due to the venue hitting capacity, and police arrived and began pepper-spraying the crowd. While the band hasn't addressed the fight, they are asking people to remove videos and photos of the incident saying:

We'd really appreciate it if you kept photos/videos from last night off of the web. We don't need any issues..

Other fans commented on their "experience" with security, including saying:

Got fucken pepper sprayed for jumping over the fence to attempt to see Trash Talk. Fuck that security guard.

Kids getting tazed and maced outside the show. Wilding. Very punk to me

Trash Talk was fucking insane. Riot control and shit. If you weren't there you fucked up.

Some instagram shots are here and here.