Pulley's Scott Radinsky fired from the Cleveland Indians
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A number of you wrote in with the news that former Ten Foot Pole and current Pulley vocalist, Scott Radinsky, has been let go from his day job with the Cleveland Indians. Radinsky was a former major league ball player himself, having played for 11 years as a relief pitcher in the 90s. The team had suffered an 11-game losing streak but didn't happen until the streak ended with a victory over the Minnesota Twins this past week.

Scott commented on the situation:

Honestly, I didn't really see this coming. I really didn't. We were losing and things get magnified. Then you start hearing rumors that someone is going to take the fall. I'm holding my head pretty high. All I care about is those pitchers. I wanted to do everything I could to make them successful and help them establish themselves in the big leagues. I'm disappointed if I'm part of the reason they didn't succeed. Working with pitchers is why I got into coaching. My only concern was working with those pitchers, to help them get better, and protect them until the day I was fired.

Along with his part-time role in Pulley, Scott owns and runs Skatelab, a skate park and museum in Simi Valley, California..

Pulley last released The Long and the Short of It in 2011.