Jello Biafra
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Jello Biafra - who one assumes can tell the difference between a white power band and, you know, a regular band - has been asked to comment on the tragic Sikh Gurdwara shooting and the shooter who was a avowed white power hardcore musician. Biafra, who among his contributions to the Dead Kennedys wrote the iconic "Nazi Punk Fuck Off," weighed in:

The initial premise of the song was "You violent people at shows are acting like a bunch of Nazis," and that was as far as it went. Then the real ideological Nazis began coming out of the closet. They attacked Dead Kennedys shows after that. One time, a more hard-core version of (Britain's) National Front showed up in tandem with the road crew of a band, and that connection always creeped me out. I've seen people on TV saying, "Oh no, this is terrible music, it's just noise," but that's just playing into their hands. Those are exactly the kind of people who deserve to be annoyed by punk, like Tipper Gore trying to get me thrown in jail, or playing the race card to attack NWA and Public Enemy. It's not the music's fault.

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Jello's current band, the Guantanamo School of Medicine, just released Shock-You-Py and are planning a new full length called White People and the Damage Done.