Propagandhi members launch 'Escape Velocity' podcast
by Epitaph

Propagandhi's Chris Hannah and former G7 Welcoming Committee Records member Derek Hogue have relaunched their G7 Welcoming Committeee podcast in the form of Escape Velocity. The first episodes concerns itself both with Hannah's band's upcoming album, Failed States, and more political and activism related stories which they describe:

In this, our inaugural episode, we discuss and preview Propagandhi's forthcoming album "Failed States"; gawk with jaws slack at the unmitigated gall of the executives at Enbridge; pontificate on the possibility that the earth has entered a period of rapid state change that could transform the lives of the next generation into an unrecognizable shit-show; lapse into a spontaneous book-club segment; and for the main event, bring you an interview with hip-hop artist and broadcast journalist Wab Kinew.

Check it out here.

Failed States is due out September 4, 2012 on Epitaph Records.