Federal judge rules on Kyuss Lives! lawsuit
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This past Monday, a federal judge has issued a ruling on the lawsuit filed by ex-Kyuss members Josh Homme and Scott Reeder against their former bandmates. Homme and Reeder sought to prevent John Garcia and Brant Bjork-- who revived the band as Kyuss Lives! last year, along with bassist Nick Oliveri-- from using the band's name on future live and studio recordings. Judge S. James Otero ruled:

  • [Garcia and Bjork] are preliminarily enjoined from using the Kyuss Mark in commerce unless theword "Lives" immediately follows the word "Kyuss" in equally prominent lettering;
  • [Garcia and Bjork] are preliminary enjoined from using the Kyuss Lives Mark in conjunction with any musical album, studio album, live musical performance album, or other audio or visual recording;
  • Notwithstanding this preliminary injunction, [Garcia and Bjork] are permitted to make truthful factual statements that utilize the word "Kyuss," such as referring to Garcia and Bjork as former members of the band Kyuss
  • The ruling also suggests that it "may be in [Garcia and Bjork]'s best interest to begin re-branding under a new name."

    You can read the full ruling over on Blabbermouth.