Trailer for 'Riot on the Dance Floor' documentary about City Gardens, NJ
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A trailer has been posted for Riot on the Dancefloor, a documentary about the infamous City Gardens venue in Trenton, New Jersey. The film includes a wealth of interviews with musicians who performed at the venue including Milo Aukerman, Ian Mackaye, Roger Miret, Vinny Stigma, Jack Irons, Timmy Chunks, Pete Steinkopf, Bryan Kienlen, HR and many more. It also includes a bit of history from former City Gardens bartender and current host of Daily Show Jon Stewart.

Set for release in 2013, the film was directed by Steve Tozzi and was funded entirely through Kickstarter. While Tozzi had originally asked for $20,000, pledges exceeded $38,000 by the end of the campaign which closed today.