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"After many months of no updates, Rescue has finally taken the time to update their website. Visit for Mp3s, upcoming tour dates and more. The band promises to keep the site updated from now on."

The band has also announced their tentative tour routing for February and March, but are still looking for help. Click READ MORE for the dates, and if you think you can help with any of the shows, please email

Also, if you'd like to read a review of Rescue's newest album, please click here.

*=still need help

1st- Cleveland, OH*
2nd- Indianapolis, IN
3rd- Bloomington, IN
4th- Sikeston, MO
5th- Nashville, TN
6th- Louisville, KY
7th- Pittsburgh, PA*
8th- Doylestown, PA
9th- Richmond, VA*
10th- Kernersville/Charlotte, NC
11th- Atlanta, GA
12th- Valdosta, GA
13th- Jacksonville, FL*
14th- Orlando, FL
15th- Ft. Lauderdale, FL*
16th- St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL*
17th- Gainesville, FL
18th- Tallahassee/Pensacola, FL
19th- Birmingham/Auburn, AL*
20th- New Orleans/Houma, LA*
21st- Houston, TX
22nd- Austin, TX*
23rd- Dallas, TX*
24th- Denton/Fort Worth, TX
25th- Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK*
26th- Lawrence, KS/Kansas City, MO*
27th- Omaha, NE
28th- Des Moines, IA*


1st- Iowa City, IA*
2nd- Peoria, IL
3rd- St. Louis, MO
4th- Chicago, IL
5th- Cincinnati, OH