You posted questions for Joe of Mock Orange. Some of them were wacky as hell. He still answered all of them. Click READ MORE to find out just what that one girl should wear to her prom, who is producing the next album, just *why* WussEmoRock is a cock ass, and more.

SCOTT: Please state your name and what you do in this band.
JOE: my name is Joe Asher and I play guitar in mock orange.
S: We'll start right off with a user submission: "Why are you mocking orange?"
J: ummm, I guess it’s the karate kicks.
S: Describe Mock Orange to my grandma.
J: your grandson thinks we are soft but you'll plug your ears.
S: You guys toured Japan with NOFX last year - how did that come about? Any chance of going back?
J: it was actually only three shows, but they were three really big shows. we played with nofx, mad caddies, and superdrag. actually those shows introduced me to superdrag's music and now they are one of my favorite bands. as a whole the trip was the best time i've ever had…ever.
S: Why did your bass player quit? Care to talk about it?
J: the last year we haven’t done much except try to write songs. once we recorded the EP and our schedule started looking busy again, I think Brandon just realized he wanted to be home with his kids. i'm sure he really wanted to continue with the band, it wasn’t an easy decision. but also, I think he just felt like he needed to take care of his main responsibilities, which are his children. so it wasn’t like he said, "fuck this I quit", it was more like "man I really don’t want to miss my kids first little league game." totally understandable.
S: Here's another submission: "I know musicians tend to get a bet sweaty when
J: they rock out. Do you use any sort of talcum powder on your cock and balls?" nope.
S: And more: "Where is the next tour going through? any chance it could be going through Colorado?"
J: Colorado probably wont be until spring, after the full-length comes out. right now we are getting ready to go southeast and into TX.
S: Even more: "Why is wuss emo rock such a cock ass?"
J: I have no idea.
S: Continuing: "Why can't I get laid?"
J: get some money and wave it around at a bar, i’ve heard that works.
S: Why did you choose to cover Only In Dreams?
J: I don’t remember. we had two or three we wanted to do but they were already taken.
S: How did the deal with Dead Droid come about?
J: we knew them through the Weezer comp. we had a ton of songs and wanted to get into the studio really quickly. they facilitated that.
S: Why did you not put out another album on Lobster?
J: we are just trying something different.
S: What was it like working with Mark Trombino and J. Robbins? Which one is recording the new album? I've heard both names mentioned.
J: both mark and j. are awesome to work with. we are really lucky to have been able to work with both of them. also, Angus Cooke, who did "nines and sixes". angus is the one of the most real people i’ve ever met. he owns orange whip studios in Santa Barbara. j. will be doing the full length in January.
S: Another user submission: "Why do you guys make fun of oranges?"
J: i’m all about oranges.
S: What would be your dream tour?
J: one where we don’t lose our asses. no, I think maybe mock orange, the flaming lips, frank black, bowie, and zeppelin. oh, and ELO too just for heath.
S: Does your drummer have any sort of jazz training? His style is very soft yet driving, and it's very unique.
J: he played in high school band. mainly he was the kid that ran around with a pair of sticks beating on all the furniture all day. he's got that natural feeling for beats.
S: What sparked your massive change in musical style?
J: I guess just being bored. wanting to do something different. knowing that if we remade "the record play" for the next album no one would be happy playing it. trying to be true to what we honestly wanted to play and create something we could enjoy listening to without trying to write songs with the idea of "will people like this." if you do something that you are honestly behind, that you love, people will pick up on that and they will like it.
S: What sort of direction do you think the band is on musically?
J: we are definitely heading down the quirky-rock path. Ryan’s been working with me on slide and we are incorporating that a lot. but mainly we sound like what comes out of Ryan’s head that day.
S: What is one song you wish you never would've written?
J: i’m only allowed one? there are more than a few.
S: Please tell us about the worst show you've ever played. In detail.
J: Tahoe taps in Tahoe. we drove maybe 10 hours through the snow only to show up and they wouldn’t even let the other band into the club because they weren’t 21. we started playing to no one and they started putting chairs up on tables after about 2 songs. then they gave our pizza to some homeless guy. it doesn’t sound too bad but you know. mainly people who have no business doing rock shows throwing together some bullshit.
S: And the grand finale of user submissions: "What shoes should I wear to the prom? I have a black dress."
J: whatever j. lo would wear. wear that.
S: "Should it be red, black or blue shoes?"
J: black. It’s always black.
S: "I was also thinking maybe I should wear white socks and just wear sandals, would that be sexy?"
J: no.
S: "Should I put out on prom night, and if I do should it be video taped so I can post it on the internet?"
J: if that’s what you’re into.
S: "What mock orange song would be the best to listen while having sex?"
J: driving day.
S: "And last but not least, do I have too much time on my hands?"
J: never. you can never have too much time on your hands.
S: If you could prevent one death, would it be Kurt Cobain's or John Lennon's, and why?
J: holy shit that’s a morbid question. maybe Lennon’s just for the simple fact that he did not choose to die. someone made the decision for him.
S: Mock Orange seems to have a hard time getting out and touring - what is the biggest problem with getting back out on the road?
J: we’ve been playing. I mean after the record play tours, we kind of went home and had to work to replenish the coffers you know. last month we did like 15 shows so we are easing back into it. we’ve got a few weeks coming up before the holidays, then we go into the studio in January. then well probably do more substantial touring starting late February.
S: Don't you hate pants?
J: no i’m about them
S: Free time here. Write whatever you want.
J: gymnastics does not equal rock and roll.
S: Thanks for doing this, Joe. Keep up the rock.