City and Colour
by Dine Alone

Though he will spend a good chunk of the rest of 2012 on a farewell tour with Alexisonfire, Dallas Green also is planning a new album from his Juno-winning solo project, City and Colour. Green said this about progress towards the release:

I think I've got 15 new songs. Nine of which are probably ready to go and the other six are sort of bits and pieces that I need to buckle down and put together. So I'm more than thinking on the new record, I've almost got one finished. Now I gotta go and record it.

But I think as much as [I mouth] off about how you can never know what to expect from me, really, you're gonna know what to expect from me: It's gonna be some kinda sad sounding melancholy songs because that's the kind of songs I write.

Find the interview here.

City and Colour last released Little Hell.